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NQ is almost over :(

Overall I have really enjoyed this year and the projects that we have been working on. I think the only thing that has made this year hard is the fact I have been working a lot and have missed a … Continue reading

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Final Presentation – Corporate Identity

These are my final products for my corporate identity project. For all of these projects I had to you photo shop so that I could move my drawings around. Making the business card was a bit of a pain because … Continue reading

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Corporate Identity

In corporate identity we have been designing logos for shops. I chose to design a logo for a comic book shop named Atomic Comics and I have came down to 3 different design concepts. Here is a look at the … Continue reading

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Ideas for my Sculpture.

For sculpture our theme was the elements and I really love the element fire so already I knew I would be making something based on or to relate to fire. I have always thought it was really cool imaging that … Continue reading

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Idea For Bookcover

By using Typography I drew the slam tent that is at T in the park and made the blue lines on the roof to make the word SLAMTENT. This is an idea of a book cover I came up with … Continue reading

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Chip Kidd

Charles (chip) Kidd was born on the 20th of September 1964 in Shillington, Pennsylvania. He is an American graphic designer best known for the designs of his book covers. Kidd is currently associate art director at Knopf which he first … Continue reading

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Paula Scher

Paula Scher was born on the 6th of October 1948 in Washington DC. Paula is a graphic designer, painter and art educator in design. she is also the first female principle at Pentagram. Which she joined in 1991. Here is … Continue reading

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Can’t Wait!!!

We have not started sculpture yet but I am very excited to start it.

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In every class we have been working on our sketchbooks which will be used in our portfolio. I really enjoy making sketch books because it means I can be expressive and I can really explore all my ideas.

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