Final Presentation – Corporate Identity

These are my final products for my corporate identity project. For all of these projects I had to you photo shop so that I could move my drawings around.

Making the business card was a bit of a pain because I could not get the card to go to the right size so it kept going wrong and printing out in all different sizes. I finally managed to get it to the right size when I realized there was a template on the college website which I used. The business card looks really good in my opinion and I think that because it is vertical it makes it look a lot more interesting and the colour’s work really well together.

My brief said that my logo had to also work in black and white so I decided to make the T-shirt which is black. This is probably the best colour for a uniform for people in the comic book store because black suits everything and everyone so I made the ‘atomic comic’ white so that it stands out.

I thought about putting the logo on a plastic bag but I decided to put it on a paper bag because its more eco friendly. The black really stands out on the bag and is really good for advertising the shop. The brown also helps the black stand out which is great.

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