NQ is almost over :(

Overall I have really enjoyed this year and the projects that we have been working on. I think the only thing that has made this year hard is the fact I have been working a lot and have missed a lot of class time, also because I left to travel America. However I am now back and trying to get everything finished.

Since doing this course I have managed to narrow down what I want to do when I leave and I have also managed to collect quite a lot of work which I can use to get into university in the future. I really enjoyed doing printmaking which I did not expect because I had done it previously in High school and I hated it.

I think when I am ready to apply for university I am going to apply to do Fine Art. Until recently I thought that fine art meant you specialized in one thing but I was wrong, you can do loads of different things! Same with illustration. I have also managed to find a retro/ vintage kind of comic book style that I really love which I again have never bothered with before until now.

I am really happy with this course and have enjoyed it and I am just hoping and praying that I get everything finished so that I can get into HNC.

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Final Presentation – Corporate Identity

These are my final products for my corporate identity project. For all of these projects I had to you photo shop so that I could move my drawings around.

Making the business card was a bit of a pain because I could not get the card to go to the right size so it kept going wrong and printing out in all different sizes. I finally managed to get it to the right size when I realized there was a template on the college website which I used. The business card looks really good in my opinion and I think that because it is vertical it makes it look a lot more interesting and the colour’s work really well together.

My brief said that my logo had to also work in black and white so I decided to make the T-shirt which is black. This is probably the best colour for a uniform for people in the comic book store because black suits everything and everyone so I made the ‘atomic comic’ white so that it stands out.

I thought about putting the logo on a plastic bag but I decided to put it on a paper bag because its more eco friendly. The black really stands out on the bag and is really good for advertising the shop. The brown also helps the black stand out which is great.

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Corporate Identity

In corporate identity we have been designing logos for shops. I chose to design a logo for a comic book shop named Atomic Comics and I have came down to 3 different design concepts. Here is a look at the different ideas I have came up with for the logo.

The first one I came up with is an atomic bomb coming out of a comic book. This one is pretty simple but I think it give of the correct idea for the comic book store.

The second one has some super heroes within it and also a controller because you can also chill out at the comic book store and play games on the games consuls they have in the store.

My final idea was to have wolverines hand wrapped in a red ribbon which will have atomic comics written on it.

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Ideas for my Sculpture.

For sculpture our theme was the elements and I really love the element fire so already I knew I would be making something based on or to relate to fire. I have always thought it was really cool imaging that people were able to hold fire so I decided to make a sculpture of a hand with fire on it.

However this was developed from other ideas. I then looked at water VS. fire and decided to paint my sculpture like this.


I also looked at mother nature and the natural disasters that happen around the world. For example tsunamis, forest fires, hurricanes etc. Water was another one of the elements that I wanted to develop further so I decided to make a tsunami type sculpture going over some buildings.


This is how my final sculpture turned out. I really loved the hand idea and the water vs. fire but I made two hands so that I could show two elements really easily.



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Idea For Bookcover


By using Typography I drew the slam tent that is at T in the park and made the blue lines on the roof to make the word SLAMTENT.


This is an idea of a book cover I came up with for my cookbook. Drugs play a big part in festivals and I think it gives me a very wide variety of ideas to work with.


This is another idea that I developed for my cover.


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Chip Kidd

Charles (chip) Kidd was born on the 20th of September 1964 in Shillington, Pennsylvania. He is an American graphic designer best known for the designs of his book covers. Kidd is currently associate art director at Knopf which he first joined in 1986 as a junior assistant.


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Paula Scher

Paula Scher was born on the 6th of October 1948 in Washington DC. Paula is a graphic designer, painter and art educator in design. she is also the first female principle at Pentagram. Which she joined in 1991.

Here is a link to my Pintrest page.

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Can’t Wait!!!

We have not started sculpture yet but I am very excited to start it.

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In every class we have been working on our sketchbooks which will be used in our portfolio. I really enjoy making sketch books because it means I can be expressive and I can really explore all my ideas.

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